Getting Published Resources

I) If you want a big book deal with a big publisher, you need an agent

(Note: I pitched agents, got requests for manuscript but never got an offer. Eventually, a small press bought my book)


A) generating your list of agents

1) ask contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, friends, etc -- a referral is best!


2) Find comparable or similar authors


then find their agents: ($25/month)


3) search agents by genre:



4) Other sources of Agents

- good searches for debut fiction authors:

Agent's Manuscript Wish List:


4) check conferences to see who is actively looking for new writers and to expand their list.


List of conferences:


5) Other ways to get an agent besides querying:


6) Process of querying: emailing strategy (old but good)



B) Vetting Agents


- Always double check agents' sites to see if still taking queries, still in the business


- Writer Beware:


- On check for:

*recent sales

*sales in your genre

*may not want to ditch a new agent, but good to know what their experience is -- if they respond to your query, ask who they would pitch your book to.


- Preditors and Editors:

(off line right now, promises to be back, but has Facebook page:


C) If you get an offer:


- The contract:


- more info

D) How to write a query letter or synopsis (writing centers with online classes)

- Grubstreet

- Gotham Writers



II) Small presses



Note: many small presses now require an agent.


A) Lists of small presses


Top ranked:


Google: "Best Small Presses"


General Lists: (charges) (sortable by genres) (both university and small presses)



B) Vetting


Be sure to visit the small press's website, take out a book by one of their authors, try to contact an author (tried this and didn't have much luck)


III) Other options


University Presses:

When I looked in 2016, I didn't find many that took novels – some take poetry and memoir.


Enter a contest (usually includes upfront fees)


Vetting contests:


IV) My Book Marketing and Publishing Blog

V) View/Download my presentation on this topic

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