"The Squid and the Spaceman" (sequel to God Bless Cambodia)

THE SQUID AND THE SPACEMAN is an 80,000-word comedic novel that combines the romantic dysfunction of Jonathan Tropper with the racy humor of Sam Lipsyte.

It's 2015 and Boston is being overrun by gender-trenders, biotech hipsters, artisanal pickle shops, and little free libraries. Two fifty-somethings, who are unhappy with the city's transformation, meet and fall in love.

Randall is chronically single. Jackie doesn't date men, she marries them. He's Jewish and she's Chinese-American. One thing they have in common – fear that they're aging out of the local dating pool and that this is their last chance for happiness.

Four months into the relationship, Randall develops insomnia and Jackie develops an ulcer. Because Randall has never been married, they both agree he's the problem. He locates a therapist, Dr. Byrnes, who has a plan for turning him into marriage material.

As part of the treatment, Randall and Jackie attend a fetish conference to resuscitate their middle-aged sex life. Can trust, honesty, respect, acceptance, compromise, commitment, active listening -- and a sphincter harness save their relationship? More importantly, how much can -- and should -- one man change for the one he loves?

Reading excerpts of "Squid" at a Boston literary event