Resources for "How to Write a Sex Scene"

Porn Sites

Pornhub  (Geared toward guys but have stuff they call "female friendly." Beware of weird spam and viruses)

For the Girls (Specifically for women)


Kink ideas:


New England Dungeon Society 

New England Leather Alliance


Fetish Flea Market (conference)


Classes on writing about sex:

Grub Street

I took a class with Lana Fox. Steve Almond has taught sex writing in the past there.


A good article:



Penthouse Forum Letters (a mixed bag)





Links to our websites or books


Stephanie Schorow, author of Inside the Combat Zone:


Randy Ross, author of God Bless Cambodia:


Judah Leblang, author of Echoes of Gerry:


David Kruh, author of Scollay Square:


Jen Safrey, romance author, join her email list:


Teddy Kechris, writer/author: